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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for doing an educational rotation at Tripler Army Medical Center?

Requirements for doing an educational rotation can be found on our website at Student Trainee Requirements.

Students need to adhere to the "Submission Time Line" to prevent delays in in-processing and meeting Tripler Army Medical Center requirements.

Can you recommend a hotel, condominium or some other type of lodging accommodation for my upcoming rotation?

We do not recommend one lodging over another lodging. It is up to the traveler to make his/her own lodging.

Military travelers are required to use government lodging, privatized lodging, or DoD Preferred commercial lodging before other lodging options. Majority of all hotels in Hawaii are approved lodging.

Be aware that all rentals may or may not be reimbursed, and that lodging must be a DoD approved lodging facility.

Do I have to keep receipts for the food I purchase during my TDY?

No. While in a TDY status you get a $119 a day for meals and therefore you do not need to keep receipts.

What is the time for in-processing and where?

In-processing is at 0600 on Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a Federal holiday) in Room 9A 013.

Directions to Tripler, in-processing and coordinator offices can be found by clicking on the following link Driving Directions.

Will I be issued scrubs for my educational rotation or will I need to bring my own?

The issuance of scrubs is service by service. Some services will allow you to wear scrubs throughout your rotation while others will require you to wear your white coat or uniform.

When should I make my reservations?

You should make your reservations as soon as you have been approved for an educational rotation here. Military members must use Carlson Travel for their air and car rental reservations.

Who at Tripler will complete blocks 20c through 20f of my travel voucher upon completion of my ADT?

Per Chapter 4, paragraph 4-1g, HPSP Medical Education Policy 01-2, states that supervisor's signature (ADT supervisor, school official or school advisor) completes this area.

Also, you may send your travel voucher to your coordinator at HPSP to sign.

As a civilian student what do I need to bring on my first day if I am getting computer access?

You must bring two forms of identification (e.g., Military/Dependent ID, Driver's License, US Passport, US Birth Certificate, or Social Security Card). School ID is not acceptable.

I noticed that you do not allow civilian students to rotate during the June through October timeframe. Why?

The June through October timeframe is reserved for military students to interview with a selected program for internship.

As an HPSP student doing a NADT rotation, why can't I use my CAC card?

It is HPSP (Air Force, and Navy) policy that any student doing an NADT rotation cannot use their CAC card, as you are not here on orders and therefore you are treated as a civilian student.

Army HPSP students have been granted authority to use their CAC card while in a civilian status per Army HPSP office

Where can I find the application to request an educational rotation?

The application link is contained on the specialty page of the educational rotation that you are applying for.

Should I bring my Class A uniform with me if I plan on interviewing?

You will need to contact the program you plan on interviewing with to determine if they want you to interview in your Class A.

Our only requirement is that military students when in-processing that they wear appropriate uniform such as ACU/ODP or Class B.

What do I need to do if I want to cancel or change my approved educational rotation request?


If you have received an e-mail approving your request and you have responded back with your acceptance, then you need to reply to your acceptance e-mail that you are cancelling and reason for cancelling.

If you have not received an approval e-mail, then an e-mail to the coordinator with reason for cancellation.


If you have received an e-mail approving your request and you have responded back with your acceptance, then you need to reply to your acceptance e-mail that you are requesting a change in dates or clerkship and reason for change.

If you have not received an approval e-mail, then an e-mail to the coordinator with reason for change.

My school requires that an evaluation be completed for my educational rotation. Who should I give this evaluation to?

You will need to find out who your preceptor will be upon reporting to the service. Once you have been advised as to who will complete your evaluation, give them your evaluation. If your school requires your evaluation to be done on line, then provide them the link or provide your school the e-mail address of your preceptor so the school can send to that individual.

Before you leave, make sure that your evaluation is completed. If not, make sure that you get an e-mail address of your preceptor to follow-up on.

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