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Computer/Network Access

General Information

  • The information contained on this page is applicable to all civilian students/trainees looking to do an educational rotation/training here at Tripler Army Medical Center. 
    • Civilian students/trainees needing computer access while rotating at Tripler require a background investigation and fingerprinting a minimum of eight weeks out from the start of your training.

    • Majority of the training programs do require you to have access, then you will need to make sure that you complete the fingerprinting requirements listed below prior to your arrival, if applicable.

  • Information contained on this page is not applicable to Military Students.

  • Foreign Students (Non-US citizens) enrolled in formal education and training programs at an accredited school or institution in the United States who require access to the hospital's information systems network can expect at least a four-month delay getting access due to required security background checks, therefore, please plan accordingly.

Fingerprinting Requirements

  • Personnel Security Investigation Portal (PSIP) Information Sheet

    • Should be computer generated if at all possible.

    • Copy of one of the following documents should be attached to the PSIP as proof of citizenship.

      • US Birth Certificate.

      • US Passport.

      • Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization issued by INS.

      • Documentation of US Citizens Born Abroad to US citizen or parents (Forms FS-240, -545 or DS-1350).

    • Student/Trainees need to contact educational coordinator/sponsor for supervisor information.

  • Optional Form (OF) 306, Declaration for Federal Employment

    • Must be computer generated.

    • All boxes should be completed with Y/N.

    • Do not type anything in box 16 unless applicable per instructions.

    • Dates on the form must be in the MM/DD/YYYY, e.g. 07/01/2019.

    • Cannot be hand written or digitally signed. Student/Trainee will manually sign form after form is printed.

Getting fingerprinted

  • When reporting to the security office (military, state, city, private, etc.), other than Tripler, please make sure that you have the following with you.

    • Identification (military ID, driver's license, e.g.),

    • Completed PSIP Information Sheet.

  • If the security office (other than Tripler):

    • Has the availability to scan your fingerprints, please provide them the following information as well.

      • SON: 520B

      • SOI: DODS

      • IPAC: DA-Army

    • Does fingerprinting manually, please make sure that the security office is using the current FBI FD 258, Fingerprint Card, version 5-15-17.

      • Previous editions are not acceptable.

      • Date is located at the upper left of the front side or the lower left on the back side of the card.

      • You must submit original card (NO XEROX COPY) to your educational coordinator/sponsor.

    • If you get your fingerprinting done at Tripler, please make sure that you have in your possession, identification, completed PSIP Information Sheet and OF 306.

Civilian Student/Trainee Responsibility

Upon completion of fingerprinting student/trainee, outside of Hawaii will send the following to their educational coordinator/sponsor Contact education coordinator/sponsor for a mailing address.
  • Completed PSIP, with copy of proof of citizenship.
  • FBI FD 258, Fingerprint Card, version 5-15-17, if fingerprinting was done manually. The fingerprint card must be mailed. 
  • Completed OF 306.

Educational Coordinator/Sponsor Responsibility

  • Will review PSIP and OF 306 for completeness and advise student/trainee of any errors to be corrected.

  • Upon completion of review will:

    • Return forms to student/trainee to take to Security Office, or

    • Take to Security Office for student/trainee.

Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.