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Rotational Offerings

Child and Family Behavioral Health Service (CAFBHS)

Fellows spend two years in the Child and Family Behavioral Health Service (CAFBHS).  The CAFBHS is an outpatient specialty clinic within the Department of Behavioral Health at TAMC.  The clinic offers behavioral health services for a range of childhood disorders and family problems.  During this primary rotation, fellows conduct evaluations/assessments, provide treatment, lead groups, participate in team meetings, supervise junior-level trainees, conduct scholarly work, engage in team projects, and attend didactic seminars/conferences.

School Behavioral Health Team (SBHT)
Fellows spend a year working offsite at public schools and daycares located on or near a local military instillations.  This rotation provides fellows with an opportunity to evaluate and treat childhood disorders in this novel form of and effective approach for service delivery.  Fellows will work with a multidisciplinary team of behavioral health providers, school personnel, and community staff in the delivery of behavioral health care.


Fellows spend a year in pediatrics.  During this rotation, fellows are a part of an interdisciplinary team treating children with a wide variety of medical illnesses.  The rotation experience encompasses various specialty clinics including adolescent clinic, hematology, oncology, cystic fibrosis, and feeding clinics.  Though the majority of training experiences are in an outpatient setting, fellows also evaluate and treat patients admitted to inpatient wards.

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