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Rotational Offerings

            Behavioral Medicine Service
The Behavioral Medicine Service provides treatment for various medical disorders through an interdisciplinary approach with specialty and primary care clinics. Treatment offerings include, but are not limited to, biofeedback, weight management, acute and chronic pain management, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, progressive tinnitus management, smoking cessation, and pre-surgical psychological evaluations.
            Interdisciplinary Pain Management Center
Tripler’s Interdisciplinary Pain Management Center is one of 8 DoD Centers of Excellence for chronic pain management. Beneficiaries receive the most up-to-date treatment through coordinated allopathic, interventional, psychological, complementary, and alternative (CAM) health services, education, training, and research. Fellows are exposed to the full spectrum of pain management services and have the opportunity to interface with providers of various disciplines within the IPMC.
Fellows will engage in a combination of mini rotations in the specialty care clinics. Potential rotational offerings include Cardiology, Pulmonary, Endocrinology, Sleep Medicine, Primary Care, OBGYN, Behavioral Health Consultation, Liaison Service, Primary Care, and Oncology.

Program’s Information Services Include:

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