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Health Services

de Quervain's Syndrome


Tendonitis/Tenosynovitis of the extensor policies brevis and abductor policies longus within the extensor sheath of the first digit.
Initial Diagnosis and Management
  • History and physical exam.
  • Plain films, MRI, CT not required.
  • Splinting: Wrist or thumb spica splint for one month (at minimum for aggravating activities).
  • Activity Modification.
  • Work simplification techniques.
  • Modalities (i.e., heat, ice, ultrasound) as clinically indicated.
  • Prescribe NSAID.

Ongoing Management and Objectives

Modification/continuation of initial management.

Indications for Specialty Care Referral

  • Consider referral for injection in chronic cases.
  • X-ray for chronic/traumatic cases.
Criteria for Return to Primary Care
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