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Rapid Response Team


The Rapid Response Team (RRT) is a team of healthcare personnel trained to evaluate, determine, and manage a patient whose condition may be rapidly deteriorating. The team works with the patient’s primary care nurse. The team will assess and stabilize the patient, assist with communication among caregivers, and educate and support the healthcare team and family.

A patient safety initiative for Patients and Family Members; The Rapid Response Team consists of Critical Care Nurses, Physicians, and a Respiratory Therapist. We have an Adult Rapid Response Team and a Pediatric Rapid Response Team. This is a 24 hour asset which will respond to calls rapidly after initiation. The RRT is distinct from the CODE BLUE team.

Other Information:

When to call the Rapid Response Team:
  • Any member of the care team or family can activate a Rapid Response if there is an emergency situation, and you are unable to get the attention of the Hospital staff.
  • If there is a noticeable change in the medical condition of the patient and the healthcare team is not recognizing your concern.
  • If there is a serious concern or confusion about the patient’s treatment or plan of care.

How to activate the Rapid Response Team:

  • Call the Tripler Information Desk (808) 433-6661 and ask to activate the Rapid Response Team
  • Provide the patient’s name and phone number
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Main Phone Number(s):

Adult RRT Phone Number: (808) 433-4147
Adult RRT Pager Number: (808) 577-0066

Pediatric RRT Phone Number:  (808) 433-1331
Pediatric RRT Pager Number:  (808) 577-4357

Tripler Information Desk: (808) 433-6661
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