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Health Information Videos for viewing in the Patient Education Center:

Early Childhood Safety Immunization: Your Child's Protection
When Your Baby is Sick  
Introduction to Heart Disease Risk Factors (2nd Edition) Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis in the Hospital
Guide to High Blood Pressure Control Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis After You Leave the Hospital
High Blood Pressure: An Introduction To Treatment (3rd ed.) Understanding Angina
Pacemakers What is Coronary Artery Disease
Heart to Heart: Getting Fit Women and Heart Disease
Heart to Heart: How to Quit Smoking Metabolic Syndrome
Heart to Heart: Controlling the Cardiac Blues Cardiac Rehab; Training Your Heart for Life
Heart to Heart: Rehabilitation Preparing to Leave the Hospital After a Heart Attack
Guide to Controlling your cholesterol (Spanish) Treating Peripheral Artery
Stroke - Reducing the Risk What is Heart Failure?
Risk Factors of Heart Disease (Spanish) Heart Failure: Managing Day to Day
High Blood Pressure Compliance Heart Failure: Nutrition and Exercise
Coronary Angioplasty Heart Failure: Medications
Heart Surgery: Preparing for Discharge Heart Failure: Leaving the Hospital
Coronary Angiography and After a Stroke: Your Recovery
High Cholesterol: An Introduction To Treatment Coronary Angiography
Anticoagulant Medication: Taking It Safely Recovering from Angioplasty
Signs and Symptoms of a heart Attack Understanding Peripheral Artery Disease
Staying in Balance: An Introduction to Type 1 for Kids and Parents Diabetes and Weight Control: Change for a Lifetime
What is Diabetes? (Type 2) Eating For Health (Diabetes & Nutrition)
Pre-Diabetes: Your Path to Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Shopping & Cooking (Diabetes & Nutrition)
Introduction to Diabetes: The Game Plan Gestational Diabetes
Basic Skills for Controlling Diabetes Monitoring Your Blood Glucose: Key Concepts
Diabetes: Emotions and Support Diabetes and Heart Disease
Injecting Insulin Non-Insulin Medications for Diabetes
Introduction to Insulin Diabetes Skin and Foot Care: In Step
Oral Medications for Diabetes Changing Eating Behavior (Diabetes & Nutrition)
Introduction to Carbohydrate Counting Dining Out (Diabetes & Nutrition)
Putting Carbohydrate Counting Into Practice  
Fetal Development: A Nine Month Journey The Pill
Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling  
Drugs, Smoking, and Alcohol During Pregnancy Exercise and Pregnancy
The Miracle of Birth Prepared Childbirth
Understanding and Working Through the Pain of Childbirth Coping with the Discomforts of Pregnancy
Postpartum: Caring For Yourself After Delivery Teens Having Babies
Getting To Know Your New Baby Onset of Labor
The Art of Successful Breast-Feeding: A Guide for Mothers Preterm Labor
Without My Baby: Coping with Early Infant Loss Lizzie and the Baby new
Birth The Art of Successful Breast-Feeding (A Guide for Mothers)
Pregnancy and Work Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
Pregnancy and Nutrition  
Hormone Replacement Therapy Uterine Fibroids - What You Should Know
Urinary Incontinence in Women Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure of the Cervix
Breast Self Exam and Breast Health  
Nutrition for Better Health Dietary Management of Fat and Cholesterol
Nutrition: Healthy Eating For Life Mild Salt Restriction Diet
Healthy Habits for Kids (Ages 7 - 12) Overweight: Who's In Control
How to Read and Use Food Labels  
Your Surgical Experience Total Knee Replacement Surgery
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Total Hip Replacement Surgery
Knee Replacement Before Surgery After Joint Replacement Surgery
Treating the Enlarged Prostate  
Medical Management of Kidney Stones  
You've Just Been Told You Have Cancer Realities of Chemotherapy
Coping With Cancer Cancer: Its Effects of Self-Image and Intimate
Radiation Therapy Living with Cancer: Relationships
When Someone You Love Suffers From Depression Living with Stress
Screening For Colorectal Cancer Gatroesophageal Reflux Disease
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
ERCP Colonoscopy
Upper GI Endoscopy Ostomy Care at Home
Living With Asthma (2nd Edition) Roxy to the Rescue (Childhood Asthma)
Managing Your Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Getting Asthma in Control after a Hospitalization
Identifying and Avoiding Your Asthma Triggers Understanding Your Asthma Medications
Staying in Control of Your Asthma Pneumonia: Diagnosis and Treatment (Non-invasive)
Pneumonia: Diagnosis and Treatment (Invasive and Non-invasive) Pneumonia: Recovery and Prevention
Floaters and Flashes Macular Degeneration
Pain Management: The Three R's Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Living with Arthritis Low Back Pain
Teen Health
Let's Talk About Sex Abstinence (It's the Right Choice) Take Charge: Managing Your Sexual Health

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