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Patient Resources

Release of Information Section (Health Information Management)

(section of the Patient Administration Division)

List of Services Provided

  • Release of medical documentation in response to requests from individuals, health care facilities, insurance companies, lawyers and judges, government agencies, Command authorities, investigating officers, and others. 
  • Copying records for record/documentation requests.
  • Accounting of record disclosures.

General Information

  • All requests for health information must be made in writing. 
  • Army Regulations allow for up to 30 days to complete requests for health information; HIPAA law allows up to 60 days. 
  • Requestors are required to provide government-issued photo identification to receive copies of medical records.
  • Requests that are in excess of 25 pages, will be downloaded onto a CD, unless otherwise requested.
  • Copies of medical records via the online portal or email are free of charge.
  • There is a possible research and per page fee for some requests fulfilled on paper and CD. 
    • Research: $8.33 (for cases of extraordinarily extensive time requirements only)
    • Per page:  $0.15
    • CD:  $8.50 

MHS GENESIS Patient Portal - access your health information, schedule appointments

On Sep 24, 2021, TRIPLER AMC transitioned to a new electronic health record called MHS GENESIS. The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is a secure website to access your health information, schedule appointments, and exchange messages with your care team anytime and anywhere. It replaced TRICARE Online (TOL) and TOL Secure Messaging. Patients can access TOL to view information prior to the switch to MHS Genesis.
All appointments, laboratory and  radiology results and pharmacy orders placed after Sep 24, 2021 are in the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal. 24/7 online appointment booking with the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal will be enabled in the near future. Until then you can use the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal messaging to request an appointment.  Available during regular business hours, the DHA Hawaii Market Central Appointment Service at 1-888-683-2778 can schedule or assist with scheduling all appointments.
Online Portal to Access Medical Records: 
Patients may now obtain copies of their health information through the TRICARE Online website.  Use the link below to create your account and access laboratory and radiology results, medication list, allergy profile, full encounter notes, problem list, immunizations and vital signs.

Request Medical Records by Fax, Mail or Email: 
  • Individuals: Use the link below to download, complete and sign the DD 2870 request form for yourself, your children or as a guardian and return to Release of Information.
  • Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care (SUDCC) Clinic records must be requested separately using DA Form 5018-R
The following clinics can also provide copies of electronic medical documentation.  We encourage patients to seek copies of documentation from locations where that care was performed. All locations can obtain encounter notes, labs, radiology interpretations, immunizations, problem lists, etc. Only select locations hold hard copy medical records. 
Schofield Barracks Health Clinic
BLDG 683
Wahiawa, HI 96786
Phone: (808) 433-8440
Fax: (808) 433-1551
Makalapa Health Clinic
1253 Makalapa Rd
Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone: (808) 473-1880 ext 9-2318
Fax: (808) 473-2150
MCBH Kaneohe Bay Branch Health
3089 D St.
MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863
Phone: (808) 257-3365 OR (808) 257-2155 ext. 117
Fax: (808) 257-2507
Hickam Health Clinic
Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam
8th St, Honolulu, HI 96818
Phone: (808) 448-6130
Fax: (808) 448-6113
  • Third Parties: Requestors can submit requests on their own official letterhead or forms by mail or fax. Legal requests must be sent by mail with wet-ink signatures. 
  • Requests not requiring patient authorization, particularly from investigating officers, staff judge advocates, Command authorities and government organizations, should complete the top portion of DD Form 4254 and provide appointment orders and/or other official documentation including front and back of ID card to prove identify and personal need to know. 
Command Exemption & Command Exemption FAQs

Mail to:
Tripler Army Medical Center
ATTN: Release of Information
1 Jarrett White Road
Honolulu HI 96859-5000
Fax to:  808-433-1551
Email to:
Requesting Archived Medical Records:
 Tripler Army Medical Center maintains outpatient records for a period of two years after the patient's last medical encounter (excluding active duty and their dependents). Inpatient records are maintained for three years after the date of discharge. After such periods, records will be retired. (per AR 40-66) Hard copy inpatient and same day surgery records are also retired after two years at Tripler.  Discharge summaries and operative reports are available electronically at Tripler. 
Patients may obtain copies of their archived record(s) directly from the National Personnel Records Center (NRPC) by contacting (314) 801-0800 or by visiting their homepage at
Or, write to NRPC at the following addresses: 

National Archives & Records Administration
Old Military and Civil Records (NWCTB-Military)
Textual Services Division
700 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20408-0001
Telephone: 202-357-5000
Customer Service Center Telephone: 1-866-272-6272
All outpatient records for Service members discharged, retired, or separated from any component for the dates annotated in the table below, must contact the VA at the following:
Department of Veterans Affairs
Records Management Center (VARMC)
4300 Goodfellow Blvd., Bldg# 104
St. Louis, MO 63120
Telephone: 1-800-827-1000


Q: Can I request records for my entire family?
A: Parents can request copies of their dependent children’s records who are under 18 years of age. Spouses may not retrieve medical records of one another without legal consent documentation such as a power of attorney.  Step-parents require a DD Form 2870 from the biological parent authorizing them for receipt of child records along with a front and back copy of the biological parent’s government-issued photo ID.  Alternatively, they can present a notarized medical power-of-attorney to obtain the records.   
Q: Do requests really take 30 days?
A: Medical records requests can take up to 30 days to process depending on what authorization are required for disclosure (behavioral health, family advocacy, and sensitive encounters). All requests are sorted and prioritized.  Based on workload and available staff, requests can exceed 30 days; however; we work diligently not to exceed 30 days and recognize 60-day deadlines under HIPAA law.    
Q:  Can I get a copy of my x-ray images/films from ROI?
A:  To request images/films, please contact Radiology at (808) 433-5870.  They are located on the 3rd floor, Mountainside wing.
Q: What do I need to do when preparing to retire or separate?
A: Active duty members preparing to retire or separate should obtain a copy of all their medical records 3 months prior to their final out processing date.
To ensure that members are provided with a full copy of their Active Duty Service Treatment Record after their retirement or separation, we advise members to return to ROI with their initially copied record for updates.
Q:  How do I obtain a copy of my birth certificate?
A:  Tripler Army Medical Center does not keep birth certificates.  You may obtain a copy from the State of Hawaii, Department of Health, Vital Statistics, if you were born here, otherwise request from your birth state.
Q:  How do I report that someone else’s documentation is in my medical record?
A:  Immediately call the Release of Information Office or the HIPAA Privacy Officer at (808) 433-2237 or  Please do not send protected health information by email.  Please attempt to return the released documents to the hospital to correct such issues for the affected individual. 
Q:  How do I request a change or removal of some verbiage/documentation from my medical record?
A:  Request such actions from the HIPAA Privacy Officer at (808) 433-2237 or  Please do not send protected health information by email.  Our HIPAA Officer will discuss the process necessary to address your concerns, obtaining the details of your concern specific to the individual case.  Often these requests, if approved, must be corrected from higher authorities due to electronic health system roles and permissions.  Corrections could take several weeks to finalize.  



Contact Us

Release of Information Section

Phone number: (808) 433-2526
Fax number: (808) 433-1551

Inpatient Records

Phone number: (808) 433-6355

Transcription Services

Phone number: (808) 433-6359


We are located in Tripler Army Medical Center, Oceanside, A-Wing Basement in Rm 151 (G1A-104)

Hours of Operations:

Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday:  Closed
Federal Holidays:  Closed

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