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Health Services

Adolescent and Young Adult Health Clinic (AYAHC)


Our Mission

To strengthen the dual goals of readiness of our military force and generating educated, capable military medical providers

Our Vision
"To be the premier, trusted Adolescent & Young Adult Health Service, providing high quality, evidence-based, state of the art Primary care for DoD patients 12 to 26 years-old, and a full spectrum of Adolescent Medicine Specialty Consultation care to the Hawaii Market and Pacific Rim."


Acute and Chronic adolescent primary care
Annual and sports physical exams
Well Woman exams and PAP screenings
Active-Duty care for enrollees
                -PHAs, vision screens
                -Profile management, separation exams
Sports injury and post-concussion care
Mood disorders and behavioral health
Puberty and development concerns
Adolescent migraines and headaches
Disordered eating care
Gender affirming care
Sexual assault medical care and follow up
STI screening and treatment
Emergency contraception: Plan B, Ella, copper-IUD
Birth control counselling and services*
                -Prescription contraception (pills/patch/ring)
                -Depo-Provera injections
                -Nexplanon Implant
                -Intrauterine Devices (IUD) Kyleena/Mirena/Skyla/ParaGard
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