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Presentations & Publications

Tripler Orthopaedics had another record year for scholarly activity on the national level, with over 18 publications and over 90 national presentation One of the hallmarks of Academic Medicine in general and the study of Orthopaedics in particular is the arena of scholarly activity; the pursuit of knowledge to broaden the field of Orthopaedics. The Orthopaedic Residency at Tripler is dedicated to support the resident in his/her research endeavors.

Institutional support of research includes the Tripler medical library, Tripler computer network with extensive assets on the Orthopaedic Service, the MDIS digital radiology imaging system for measurement, data retrieval and observer outcome measures. The Department of Clinical Investigation supports a veterinarian, three basic scientists with PhD's in the fields of Molecular Biochemistry, Physiology and Pharmacology as well as their basic research design and statistical expertise. The DCI housed across from the Medical Center in Bldg. 40, incorporates the assets of a microsurgical laboratory with microscope, sterile and unsterile operating rooms, operating equipment, exercise physiology lab, a biochemistry lab and an animal care facility. The personnel available for clinical support include a research protocol officer, her assistant, and a variety of technologists including a biomedical technician who is able to fabricate custom equipment upon request.

Dedicated research time is scheduled each Friday afternoon. A one-month research rotation is scheduled during the PGY-4 year. A research-reading list will be made available and its contents will be discussed with the Director of Orthopaedic Research during this time. The research resident will attend the Tripler Army Medical Center morning report and lectures during his research time. A specific research protocol must be submitted and approved by the appropriate institutional review committees (e.g. Clinical Investigation Committee, Institutional Review Board) of Tripler Army Medical Center and the institution where research is to be conducted. A research meeting is scheduled on average monthly during academics to follow the course and progression of service wide research projects. This does not preclude the opportunity to develop a clinical research project in a worthwhile area found during a clinical rotation outside Tripler.

Presentation and publication of research outcomes is part of the residency. In the spring of each academic year, the Hawaii Orthopaedic Association (HOA) supports a Spring Symposium with invited nationally renowned experts; this is also the forum during which each resident will present his/her research, ongoing or completed. National meeting presentation is encouraged and funded through the DCI. A written research paper suitable for submission for publication is required for graduation. In addition, each resident will work with a staff mentor during their 5 years of residency to write a publishable review article in that staff’s field of expertise.
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