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Health Services

Resident Courses

Required resident courses include:

PGY 1: Combat Casualty Care Course - C4 includes training in nuclear, biological and chemical warfare; service familiarization; combat triage; casualty evacuation; combat health service support; and a Leadership and Operational exercise.

PGY 2: AO Basic Course - This Basic Course is designed to provide the participant with a fundamental knowledge of operative treatment of fractures according to the AO principles. The course will cover the concepts of absolute and relative stability, as applied in context, of the soft tissue injury for each limb segment’s major fracture types. This course is the foundation for the AONA curriculum, which teaches the surgeon how to manage trauma and trauma reconstruction. The goal of this course is not to advocate the treatment of all fractures by surgical fixation, but rather to help ensure that when surgery is carried out, that it is done properly based upon principles, appropriate preoperative planning, and decision making.

PGY 3: Dallas Short Course for prosthetics and orthotics – This course is designed to provide the orthopaedic resident with the level of knowledge in orthotics and prosthetics expected of a qualified orthopaedic surgeon. The entire course has been constructed with an emphasis on clinically useful concepts of orthotics and prosthetics. The course will cover basic principles of gait analysis, adult and child prosthetics, and orthotic prescription and fitting principles.

PGY 4: Enneking Pathology Course - This one week seminar is an immersion experience in basic musculoskeletal pathology, correlated with radiographic and imaging staging techniques, histologic diagnosis, and principles of treatment covering the gamut of musculoskeletal lesions.

PGY 5: Combat Extremity Course - A US military pre-deployment preparatory course for military orthopaedic surgeons, PA's, general surgeons and others who may be required to provide orthopaedic care in the deployed environment.

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