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About the SRU

What is the Soldier Recovery Unit

The Soldier Recovery Unit (SRU) was created to provide personal support to wounded Soldiers who require at least six months of rehabilitative care and complex medical management.

The Soldier Recovery Unit closely resembles an Army “line” unit, with a professional chain of command and the integrated Army process that builds on the Army’s strength of unit cohesion and teamwork so wounded Soldiers can focus on healing and transition back to the Army or to civilian status. Each Soldier in transition works with a primary care manager (normally a physician), nurse case manager, social worker, and squad leader—who coordinate their care with other clinical and non-clinical professionals.

The Soldiers at the SRU have one mission—to heal. All Soldiers develop a Comprehensive Transition Plan (CTP) with personalized goals that allows them and their families to move forward toward life post-injury. To complete the mission of healing and transition, the Soldier in transition is responsible for attending all medical and non-medical appointments with professionals such as primary care managers, nurse case managers, social workers, physical therapists and occupational therapists.

What to Expect?

Each Soldier in transition will have a unique, personal experience in the SRU, based on their medical condition and treatment requirements. Upon entering the SRU, the Soldier will in-process to the new unit through Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC). This in-processing includes:

  • Clinical screenings from medical, behavioral, and other health professionals
  • Administrative actions, such as receiving orders, ID cards, and meal cards
  • Actions affecting the Soldier’s overall well-being, such as housing, finance, and visiting the Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC).

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

While in-processing through HHC, Soldier in transition will complete a Comprehensive Transition Plan (CTP) within approximately 30 days of arriving at the SRU. The CTP is a six-part systemized process for every Soldier that includes an individual plan that the Soldier builds for him/herself with the support of WTB cadre.

By using the CTP, the Soldier and his/her family will develop specific, personal goals to achieve at each stage of recovery and transition. This CTP will guide the Soldier's day-to-day activity for the rest of his/her time in the SRU.

Contact Us

Battalion Commander

(808) 655-6659

Battalion CSM

(808) 655-6754

Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) Commander

(808) 655-9317

Alpha Company Commander

(808) 655-6722

Patient Administration

(808) 655-0105

Battalion Fax

(808) 655-9114

SRU Chaplain

(808) 655-3026

Family Readiness Support Assistant

(808) 655-9298

Drivers Cell Dispatch

(808) 655-1641


(808) 655-1492 / 1685

Army Wounded Warrior Program

(808) 655-9293

Nurse Case Manager

(808) 655-6658

Social Worker

(808) 655-9318

SRU Staff Duty NCO

(808) 655-3007
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