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Health Services

Program Quality

(1)  Board Certification Rate: Continues at 100% for Tripler Army Medical Center Ortho Graduates for ABOS part II examinations and 92% for ABOS part I.

(2)  Resident Case numbers: the current chief resident class was responsible for inputting their case and procedure numbers. Upon review of these, it appears that Tripler Graduates are above the 85th percentile nationwide on procedures performed, and is a significant improvement over previous years.

(3)  Publications and Presentations: Tripler Orthopaedics had another record year for scholarly activity on the national level, with over 18 publications and over 90 national presentations.

(4)  The program maintained its excellent improvement from the previous year. In 2011 the program scored in the 45th percentile overall, which was improved to the 90th percentile in 2012. The 2013 results revealed a maintenance of this with a 91st percentile overall score.

(5)  Staff: All Orthopaedic staff at Tripler Army Medical Center are either ABOS board certified or board eligible. Three of four board eligible staff members will be taking their Boards part II this calendar year with the final staff member sitting for their boards in 2016.

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