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Healthy Lifestyle Program   

Program Overview

The Healthy Lifestyle Program is designed for individuals who have difficulty modifying unhealthy lifestyle behaviors after being identified as having a lifestyle-influenced medical condition or risk factors of the Metabolic Syndrome. The Healthy Lifestyle Program is comprised of two distinct phases of treatment. Phase I is an educational component that is designed to rule out knowledge as a limiting factor for behavioral change. Phase I education focuses upon nutrition, physical activity, health maintenance, and behavioral self-control; key lifestyle behaviors that influence the development and exacerbations of many medical disorders. These essential knowledge and skill sets are provided by a team of behavioral psychologists in a two-day series of group lectures and workshops. Phase II of the Healthy Lifestyle Program also provides a regularly-scheduled support group for patients who desire to learn how similar individuals are addressing the challenges associated with implementing and maintaining healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Eligibility for Services

Participation in Phase I education and Phase II support group meetings of the Healthy Lifestyle Program is available for all adult TRICARE beneficiaries. To enter this program you will need your Primary Care Manager (PCM) to send a consult to Healthy Lifestyle Program.

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