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Getting Care

Specialty Clinic Referral Guidelines - Urology Pediatric Clinic

Specializing in surgical aspects of the study of the urine and the genitourinary tract

  • Patients served: All DEERS eligible DoD Beneficiaries. Patients will also be prioritized based on urgency of the clinical condition.
  • Requirements to See Urology Peds:
    • A referral from the Primary Care Provider
    • If Air Evac Patient, a completed Patient Movement Record, including patient information and PCP information
    • All patients scheduled for surgery at Tripler Army Medical Center MUST have a preop exam with their PCM just prior to their scheduled medevac to Tripler Army Medical Center. This is to ensure that no child boards the plane with a current or recent (within 30 days) respiratory infection that may result in cancellation of surgery
    • If Patient has URI with cough OR fever within 30 days of surgery date, MUST inform Dr. McMann because surgery will be postponed and patient should not be medevac'd to Tripler Army Medical Center with that history
    • For undescended testes, please have the Urologist at referring Military Training Facility examine the child BEFORE proceeding with entering a medevac consult and document if testes were palpable or non-palpable to the Urologist

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