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Health Clinics

Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)

The Soldier Recovery Unit's social worker provides a comprehensive behavioral health psychosocial assessment for all service members assigned to the SRU and manages risks that are identified during the initial interview and subsequent assessments.

In collaboration with the nurse case manager, the social worker ensures that behavioral health counseling/treatment is provided as necessary. As staffing levels allow, the social worker may provide counseling or treatment to service members and their family members using individual, marital, family and/or group therapy.

During the comprehensive psychosocial assessment process, the SRU social worker utilizes self-assessment questionnaires and structured interviews to identify Soldiers who are experiencing psychological and emotional stressors.

Upon completion of the assessment, the social worker assists in the management of identified risks and ensures that further specialty evaluations are initiated if necessary. In collaboration with the service member, the social worker works closely with the SRU health care team to ensure that a comprehensive behavioral health treatment plan is developed and initiated.

Service members may be referred to several sources for behavioral health treatment, including Warrior Behavioral Health, the Department of Social Work, the Department of Psychology, and/or other sources:

Marital and Family therapy

Individual psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy

Intensive outpatient treatment

Residential treatment

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