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About Us


Please feel free to contact the Department of Training for student contact information.

Current Class:
CPT Patrick Breen (Marywood University)
CPT Deven Dyer (University of Central Arkansas)
CPT Shannon Jones (Adler University)
CPT Jennifer Sobel (William James College)
CPT DeeAnn Stalvey (Spalding University)
CPT Misha Strage (Uniformed Services University)

Class of 2022:

CPT Greg Brown
CPT Philip Kroke
CPT Lawrence McClain
CPT Cruz Tovar
CPT James Wicklow

Class of 2021:

CPT Daniel Barnhart
CPT Christa Call
CPT Jacob Hartman
CPT Reginaldo Hill
CPT Van Ly
CPT Kurtis Smith

Program's Information Services Include:

Program Data
Training Opportunities
Application Process
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