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Student/Trainee Requirements

General Information
Student affiliates (trainees) consist of civilian/military medical students, rotating residents, fellows, practicums, nursing students, student volunteers and students from other health and administrative disciplines.
Criteria for the acceptance of outside students per Army Regulation 351-3, Professional Education and Training Programs of the Army Medical Department, Glossary, Section II, Terms: Trainee -- A student who is enrolled not less than half-time in an educational institution which requires clinical training as part of a health care education or training program.  The program must be accredited by the appropriate national agency or professional certifying body recognized by the Secretary of Education.  Secretary of Education recognizes only the Liaison Committee on Medical Education and the American Osteopathic Association Bureau of Professional Education as accrediting bodies for undergraduate medical education.  Students must meet federal, state, and local standards regarding the employment of minors."

Reminder that no educational rotation or training will be scheduled during the months of November and December.

Foreign Students

Non-US citizens enrolled in formal education and training programs at an accredited school or institution in the United States who require access to the hospital's information systems network can expect at least a four-month delay getting access due to required security background checks, therefore, please plan accordingly.  United States Army policy does not permit us to accept any student from an international medical school even if the student is a United States citizen.

PHI and PII information

To protect student/trainee protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII), this information will be submitted to appropriate educational coordinator/sponsor via the DoD SAFE (Department of Defense Safe Access File Exchange) website.
  • Any and all files containing PHI/PII must be encrypted prior to uploading or by clicking the Encrypted every file box in the form on the DoD SAFE website at
    • User will need to provide educational coordinator/sponsor a passphrase as part of the upload of information.
    • Student/Trainee will request a Drop-off Code from their educational coordinator/sponsor to upload PHI/PII information.
    • All non-PHI/PII documentation can be submitted via regular e-mail channels or via DoD SAFE website, per instructions from your educational coordinator/sponsor.
  • Please follow these instructions to submit your documentation via DoD SAFE.
    • A department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC) and CAC-enabled computer may be used to send a drop-off to anyone.  If you have a CAC-enabled computer send your documentation to the e-mail address that your sponsor/educational coordinator has provided you.
    • Senders who do not have a CAC-enabled computer are only able to send a drop-off request from your educational coordinator/sponsor via a CAC-enabled computer. 
    • E-mail your educational coordinator/sponsor and ask to be sent a DoD SAFE drop-off request if you do not have a CAC-enabled computer.  You will receive an e-mail with a link to submit your drop-off.
    • Drop-off one or more files uploaded to DoD SAFE as a single item for delivery to one or more recipients.


All students/trainees will ensure that they have completed and are in compliance with the below listed Requirements, prior to starting training and that you have provided such documentation to appropriate educational coordinator/sponsor per the Submission Time Line below.
  • Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) Account.
    • All students participating in training here must have a JKO Account. 
    • A JKO account is required to complete Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Awareness Challenge and Military Health System (MHS) Genesis Training.
    • Click on the following link to log into JKO and select one of the following based on your situation and follow instructions.
      • If you have a CAC/VA PIV card, select "Login."
      • If you have a JKO account enter your "User Name" and select "Login".
      • If you do not have an account select either:
        • Military/Government Personnel Registration, or
        • Non-Government Personnel/Sponsored Account Registration.
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
    • Student/Trainee will need to provide copy of current American Heart Association or American Red Cross BLS card or eCard.
    • No other advanced life support training will be accepted in place of BLS.
    • BLS must be valid for your entire training.
    • If card is to expire during your training, please ensure that it is renewed prior to your arrival.
  • Occupational Health Requirements 
    • Must meet Tripler's immunization (minimum essential) requirements.
    • Failure to comply with immunization requirements can result in the cancellation or a delay in the start of your training/observation.
    • All students/trainees must be pre-cleared by occupational health prior to the start of your training/observation.
    • Do not send any other health information!
  • Computer/Network Access With the Defense Heath Agency (DHA) assuming control of computer access and fingerprinting requirements for civilian students, educational coordinator/sponsor will need to contact the DHA Security Branch for guidance.  Following are for your information. 
  • Letter of Good Standing (LOGS)
    • Civilian students/trainees must provide a LOGS from their Office of Student Affairs, e.g.
    • Letter should include, at a minimum, that student has professional liability insurance and personal health insurance.
  • School ID Badge -- All students/trainees must have a school ID badge with picture in their possession when they in process.

Submission Time Line (STL)

  • No later than 50 days out from the start of training, all students/trainees need to provide appropriate educational coordinator/sponsor TAMC Form 944, Immunization Requirement, with all supporting clinical documentation.
  • No later than 30 days out from the start of training, all students/trainees need to provide appropriate educational coordinator/sponsor the following.
    • Copy of Defense Health Agency (DHA) HIPAA certificate.  All students/trainees are required to take the DHA training and not school.
    • Copy of BLS card or eCard.
    • Letter of Good Standing.  
    • Copy of DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge certificate.
    • Copy of temporary duty orders, military students only.
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