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DoD/VA Sharing Agreement

Our Mission

The mission of the DoD/VA Sharing Agreement Collection Program is to collect from the Veterans Administration the mutually agreed to cost for medical care provided to Veterans Administration Beneficiaries. The goal of this program is to submit claims for payment at regularly scheduled intervals, record financial transactions of collections, and maintain an audit trail of transactions.

DoD/VA Sharing Agreement

The Agreement

On May 4, 1982, Congress enacted Public Law (P.L.) 97-174, “The Veterans’ Administration (VA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) Health Resources Sharing and Emergency Operations Act.” This Act amends Title 38 of the United States Code (U.S.C.) Section 5011, now Section 8111, for the purpose of promoting greater sharing of health care resources between the Veterans Health Administration (VHA/VA) and the Department of Defense (DOD).

The primary purpose of P.L. 97-174 is to promote health care resources sharing between the VA and DOD (HA) Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs). The purpose of the VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Program is to encourage the cost-effective use of Federal health care resources by minimizing the duplication, and the under use of health care resources, while benefiting both VA and DOD beneficiaries.

Program Purpose

The above cited Act directs the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (SECVA) to develop “VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Guidelines,” that will:

  1. Maximize the sharing of health care resources between the two Agencies, and

  2. Result in reduced costs to the Federal Government by minimizing the duplication and/or under use of health care resources. In addition, such health care resources sharing should not adversely affect the range of resources or services, the quality of health care, or the established priorities for health care services provided by either participating Agency.

Resource Sharing

The sharing of health care resources, and the developed VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Guidelines are not intended to interfere with either existing VA/DOD (HA) policies, or with the practices for the delivery of health care resources or services to the recipient beneficiaries of both Agencies. Resources Sharing Agreements should only be implemented when an MTF has excess resources and services that are not being used by the respective VA or DA (Army) Medical Treatment Facility. Those Resources Sharing Agreements requiring additional or higher resources capacity, than ordinarily necessary, require VHA/VA and/or DOD (HA) approval.

Legal Authorities

The legal authority for the creation of the VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Program is “The VA/DOD Health Resources and Emergency Operations Act” (enacted on May 4, 1982, as Public Law 97-174. This Act is codified as Title 38 United States Code (USC) Section 5011 (now Section 8111)). “Enhanced Authority” is also found in Public Law 102-585, as amended on November 4, 1992. All Resources Sharing Agreements will be developed and implemented in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the VA and the DOD, entitled “VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Guidelines,” agreed to by both Departments on July 29, 1983. The same authority also applies to the DOD (HA) Memorandum, Subject: “VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Reimbursement Guidelines,” dated May 17, 1989.

The above authorities establish the policies, provides guidance, prescribes the procedures, and assigns the responsibilities DOD (HA) and VHA (VA) for the administration and management of the “VA/DOD Health Care Resources Sharing Agreement” processes and procedural protocols for the respective participating Federal Agencies.

Read more regarding the DoD/VA Share Agreement on the AMEDD DoD Resources Sharing Program web site.

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