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Getting Care

Eligibility and ID Cards

Determining Eligibility

The Tripler Army Medical Center A&D Office determines eligibility of active duty, reservists, veterans, NATO personnel, and other persons affiliated with the government when eligibility for care can not be verified at the clinic using a government issued ID card or orders specifying eligibility for medical care. The patient’s eligibility for care will determine whether or not the patient will be billed for services.

If a patient is eligible for care but does not have an ID card, our office will issue a valid temporary treatment authorization (Tripler Form 490) and a Certificate of Eligibility only if the patient is shown to be eligible for care in the National DEERS database. The patient is also required to provide us a valid ID card with in 30 days after the receipt of the temporary treatment authorization or they will be billed as a civilian emergency. You may call the ID card section at Tripler (808-433-9166) for questions related to obtaining an ID card.

Confiscated ID Cards

ID cards are routinely confiscated by the clinics and the hospital Admissions and Dispositions Office if the ID card is expired, mutilated, or fraudulently used. The beneficiary will receive a receipt for the confiscated ID card which will be used to obtain a new ID card at the ID card section. The beneficiary will also receive a temporary ID if it is determined that he/she has continuing benefits. Confiscated ID cards will be turned over to the Tripler ID Card Section for disposition.

It is the responsibility of the beneficiary to provide proof of eligibility to the Hospital Admissions Office within 30 days (e.g., valid military identification card). If the valid military identification card is not presented to the hospital Admissions office with in 30 days, the patient/sponsor will be billed at the established civilian emergency rate and after 60 days from the date of treatment the unpaid account will be transferred to Defense Finance for collection action.

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