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Getting Care

Joint Patient Liaison Office

List of Services Provided

  • Tripler’s Joint Patient Liaison Office (JPLO) serves beneficiaries from across the Pacific.
  • Joint Patient Liaison Office staff provides streamlined transportation and processing for all eligible beneficiaries who travel to/from Tripler for treatment through aeromedical evacuation. This includes:
  1. Patient Movement Requests (PMR) in coordination with clinical staff and the Theater Patient Movement Requirements Center-Pacific.
  2. Defense Travel System (DTS) patient authorizations and vouchers completion in accordance with Joint Travel Regulations.
  • The Joint Patient Liaison Office also assists with Air Force, Marines and Navy case management.
  • Provides casualty/decedent affairs support services for Army and Navy beneficiaries.
  • Assist in identifying Seriously Ill/Injured (SI) / Very Seriously Ill/Injured (VSI) / Special Category (SPECAT) in an inpatient status in medical facilities cross Hawaii and completing the appropriate documentation to support family member travel authorization and cost coverage.
  • Issue temporary birth certificates for newborns.  Submit documentation to ensure official birth certificates are completed by the Site of Hawaii’s Department of Health. 


Dedicated to providing the most efficient and compassionate administrative support to all beneficiaries.

Other Information

Medical Temporary Duty (MTDY), Non-Medical Attendant Memo (NMA), Tricare Authorization or Referral. 
  • Routine MTDY: provide Aloha Packet/NMA and authorization 14 days in advance.
  • Priority MTDY: provide Aloha Packet/NMA and authorization 10 days in advance.
  • Urgent MTDY: provide Aloha Packet/NMA and authorization 5 days in advance.
Medical Evacuation- Patient Movement Request (PMR) (AF IMT 3899)
  • Routine: provide 3899 14 days prior to travel.
  • Priority: provide 3899 10 days prior to travel.
  • Urgent: provide 3899 5 days prior to travel.

Birth Certificate and newborn administrative question

Q: How do I obtain information on action I need to take as a parent after the birth of a newborn?
A: Please go to Birth Certificate Office at Birth-Certificates.


Joint Patient Liaison Office 1B-103
1st Floor B wing across from Anuenue Café

(Packet contains Medical TDY Requirement Memo, Receipt Requirement Memo, Defense Travel System Worksheet)



Contact Us

Tripler Central Appointment Line

(888) 683-2778 (888-MTF-APPT)

Nurse Advice Line

1-800-TRICARE Option, #1


(808) 433-3923


(808) 433-4330         


(808) 433-6114

Army Liaison

(808) 433-2210

Army Liaison (Civilian)

(808) 433-2066

Army Decedent Affairs

(808) 433-5196
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