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News | Oct. 11, 2023

Meet Annie Ancelmo, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’s MVP Housekeeper

By Khinna Kaminske

Patients and staff who have spent time in Tripler Army Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit all know and love Annie Ancelmo. The housekeeper has worked at the hospital for 32 years, ensuring a clean and safe environment for some of the hospital’s most vulnerable patients: ill or premature newborn babies.

The Tripler community’s respect for Ancelmo became evident following a Facebook post for International Housekeeper’s Week. Many people expressed their gratitude to her in comments on the post.

“This is TAMC’s absolute best employee, hands down. Ms. Annie takes more pride in her work than anyone I have ever known! She plays an essential part in keeping the NICU babies safe and healthy and does so with a heart-warming smile and can-do attitude,” Katerina Nofal commented.

“Love seeing Ms. Annie every day I was at the NICI visiting my son. She is always pleasant and always says hi and stops to chat. She’s amazing,” Ashlie Ferguson Loyer commented.

Ancelmo said she is proud to be a part of the TAMC team, serving and assisting military members, veterans, families and staff at the hospital. She has worked hard to perfect her skill sets, but the opportunities have made her a better person and helped her in various aspects of her life. One of the most challenging parts of Ancelmo’s job is the loss of a patient.

“There are times when patients are admitted for extended periods,” Ancelmo said. “They’ve become a part of my everyday life, and they have become family”

Ancelmo’s faith in the Lord is what motivates her at work each day.

“I have a responsibility to ensure that every patient is provided in a safe environment to heal,” she said.

Her success has been achieved through the guidance of Debbie Amour, Ancelmo’s first manager, and the mentorship of Eddie Tippet, housekeeping contract manager for 30-plus years. Ancelmo’s biggest inspiration is being able to see the patients heal and go home healthy with their families.

Her piece of advice: “Whatever your job, do it as a team, be friendly and love your job.”
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