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Getting Care

Admissions and Disposition

Admission and Disposition Office is located on the first floor (main wing of hospital) Oceanside in Room 1A-017. A&D office is open 24 hours/7 days a week. All admissions, pre-admissions, Ambulatory Procedures Visits (APV) are processed in this section. During the pre-admission, APV process you will be provided with information on Patient’s rights and responsibilities and obtaining an Advanced Directive if you don’t already have one. If you have an Advanced Directive prepared, you will need to bring it with you at the time of pre-admission or day of surgery. You will also be asked to complete a DD Form 2569, Third Party Collection Program-Record of other Health Insurance.

Eligibility for Care

Patient eligibility for care is checked at the time of registration for Pre-Admission and Ambulatory Procedure Visit (APV). The ID card is used to validate eligibility when you arrive in the Admission and Disposition office. All children aged ten and older, must possess a valid ID card and present at the time of registration. There are various circumstances which will require eligible children under the age of 10 to possess an ID card. You may contact the ID card section at (808) 433-9166 to find out the specifics regarding your situation.

Care will not be denied if patient does not have an ID card. You will be required to go to the Admissions office to complete a Temporary Authorization for Medical Care form. A copy will be kept in the Treasurer’s office and you will be requested to return with a valid ID card within thirty days. However if a valid ID card is not presented a bill will be sent to the patient or other health care insurance provider for any care rendered to a patient that is not eligible for care. For more information regarding eligibility, visit our Eligibility and ID Card Page.

Contact Us

Admissions & Discharge

Phone Number(s):
(808) 433-6112/6648/3292

Admissions & Discharge NCOIC

Phone Number: (808) 433-5343

Tripler Army Medical Center ID Card Section

Phone Number: (808) 433-9166
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