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News | Sept. 27, 2023

American Pharmacists Month: Meet Cpl. Sarai Paz

By Hugh Fleming

Meet Cpl. Sarai Paz, who currently serves as a pharmacy technician at TAMC.
Learn more about Cpl. Sarai Paz in the Q&A below!
Q: Tell us about yourself?
I am from Greensboro, North Carolina. I am married and have two dogs. This is my second duty station following Ft. Bliss.
Q: What inspired you to work in pharmacy?
I knew I wanted to do something medical in the U.S. Army to develop patient care skills.
Q: What are some reasons you enjoy being a pharmacy technician at Tripler?
  1. I wanted to challenge myself and be certified as a pharmacy technician
  2. Transfers very good to civilian expertise when the time comes to get out
  3. Patient care
  4. Diverse work environments
  5. Flexible work hours
Q. What advice would you give to a student interested in becoming a pharmacy technician?
Make sure you are allowing time aside to study and always triple check your work and to never be afraid to ask questions.
Q. How do you inspire future pharmacy technicians?
 By taking initiative and always asking those around me if they need assistance with anything because at the end of the day we are a team, and always keep a positive attitude.
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