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Getting Care

Patient Administration Division


Provide high quality, customer-centric administrative services in support of health care to our beneficiaries, continually seeking improvement to effect solvency, legal and regulatory compliance with an eye always on consideration of the patient experience.

List of Services Provided

  • Patient registration, procedural pre-registration and eligibility determination
  • Activating Admission/ Inter-ward Transfer/ Disposition orders
  • Medical records and associated documentation management
  • Disclosures of protected health information
  • Aeromedical evacuation coordination and Medical TDY management
  • Birth registration
  • Decedent affairs
  • Transcription services
  • Medical coding services and coding guidance
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Disability Evaluation System (DES) management

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Admissions and Dispositions (A&D) (Admissions Disposition A&D
  • Patient Registration
Joint Patient Liaison Office (JPLO) (Joint Patient Liaison Office)
  •  Patient Travel
  • Decedent Affair
Birth Certificate Office (Birth Certificates)
HIPAA Compliance Officer (HIPAA at Tripler)
  • ​Privacy complaints
  • Requesting amendment/elimination of verbiage from medical record
  • Requesting restrictions to medical record
Disability Evaluation System (DES) (Integrated Disability Evaluation System IDES)
Health Information Management (HIM) Branch (Health Information Management)
Release of Information (ROI) (Requesting Medical Records)
  • Requesting medical documentation
Outpatient Records (Requesting Medical Records)  
  • Transfers of medical records from other facilities
Inpatient Records (Requesting Medical Records
Transcription Services (Requesting Medical Records
Data Quality Assurance


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Office of the Chief, Patient Administration Room 1A-301A
(Within the DES area immediately to the left when entering the Oceanside main entrance)

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  

How to make an appointment

Walk-in/ No appointment required


Request for Private Medical Information
DA Form 5018-R - Client consent statement for release of Medical Information
IDES Timeline Overview - IDES Timeline
Patient Movement Record - 203899



Contact Us

Chief, Patient Administration Division

(808) 433-5175

Deputy Chief, Patient Administration Division

(808) 433-6318


(808) 433-2327

HIPAA Compliance Specialist

(808) 433-2237


(808) 433-2494

Chief, Health Information Management Branch

(808) 433-6350

Deputy Chief, Health Information Management Branch

(808) 433-6364

Health Information Management Branch NCOIC

(808) 433-6353

Patient Affairs Branch, NCOIC

(808) 433-9807

Joint Patient Liaison Office, NCOIC

(808) 433-3923

Aero Evacuation, NCOIC

(808) 433-2066

Chief, Physical Evaluation Board Liaison

(808) 433-2539

Physical Evaluation Board Liaison, NCOIC

(808) 433- 2539
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