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Graduate Medical Education Medical Student Informational Handbook

This web-based informational handbook is applicable to all third- and fourth-year civilian and Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) medical students interested in doing an educational rotation here at Tripler.    

Medical Student Responsibilities

  • Contact program to arrange an educational rotation here at Tripler.  .
  • Notify program of any changes to pre-approved rotation to include change in dates, status from an ADT (active-duty training) to a NADT (non-active-duty training) or NADT to ADT rotation or cancellation of educational rotation
  • Submit the Educational Rotation Application after being pre-approved following the instructions contained on the application for submission.  Application is to be submitted no earlier then 75 days prior to start of rotation.
    • Exception to the 75-day policy are those students (civilian and NADT) who do not have a training agreement between their school and Tripler.  The 75 days will start when a fully executable training agreement has been signed by all parties involved. 
    • The reason for this is to make sure that all students meet Tripler requirements for doing an educational rotation.  Therefore, student needs to ensure that they have other dates available to rotate here at Tripler.
  • Ensure that you have a JKO (Joint Knowledge Online) account before submitting the Educational Rotation Application. 
  • Submit all required documentation for the educational rotation as identified in this handbook to the Graduate Medical Education Office.

Program Responsibilities

  • Notify the Graduate Medical Education Office of all pre-approved, disapproved or cancelled educational rotation request.  This includes any changes to the student pre-approved request, e.g., date change, status change or cancellation of request, etc.
  • Verify with the Graduate Medical Education Office that a training agreement is in place before accepting any civilian (including HPSP student doing a NADT) student prior to pre-approving educational request.  Once a training agreement has been finalized and signed by all parties, the program can pre-approve student based on the 75-day submission time line so that student can complete all required training requirements prior to arrival.
  • Advise students if he/she does not have a JKO account get one before submitting the Educational Rotation Application. Sponsor student if he/she does not have JKO account.
  • Sponsor all civilian medical students and getting fingerprinted, if applicable.
  • Approve/Disapprove/Cancel pre-approval email from Graduate Medical Education Office concerning student request.

Graduate Medical Education Office Responsibilities

  • To approve all ADT request in MODS.
  • Assign MHS Genesis Training to all students in JKO if not already assigned by another MTF.
  • Send pre-confirmation email to program for approval/disapproval/cancellation of educational request.
  • Send out approval e-mail concerning approved educational rotation to the medical student to include additional information for the rotation.
  • Collect all required documentation for the educational rotation as identified in the Handbook.
  • In-/Out-process all students.

Training Agreement

  • Civilian medical students, including HPSP students, doing a NADT must ensure that their school has a training agreement in force between their school and Tripler.  Without this agreement students are not authorized to rotate until an agreement is in effect.
  • All requests for the establishment of an agreement must come from the school and not the student and submitted to the Graduate Medical Education Office for further action.

 Type of Students Accepted

  • Civilian students must be from an accredited medical school or school of osteopathic medicine in the United States and Puerto Rico.
  • Army HPSP students. 
    • Are limited to one ADT per fiscal year and two NADT per school academic year and that you can only do one each at a MTF (military training facility).
    • Cannot wear uniform while in a NADT status per HPSP policy.  You may wear unform during interview time only.  After interview, you must return to civilian attire.
    • Students should request to do their ADT during the May through September timeframe here at Tripler if possible.
      • Students can come early if program approves.
      • Students need to understand that rotations starting in October may not be approved due to fiscal year funding, so please plan accordingly.
      • Reminder that all ADT rotations will end on 29 September to meet HPSP requirement, and that all ADT rotations need to be completed by 30 September and cannot start again until 15 October due to fiscal year funding.
  • Air Force and Navy HPSP students.
    • Follow the same requirements as those for civilian students applying for an educational rotation.
    • Cannot apply for an ADT at Tripler.
    • Cannot use your military CAC (Common Access Card) while in a civilian status per service policy.

 Fingerprinting Requirements:

  • Civilian medical students needing computer access while rotating at Tripler require a background investigation and fingerprinting a minimum of eight weeks out from the start of training. 
  • It is the responsibility of the program to initiate background checks for all civilian medical students they accept if getting computer access.
  • Common Access Card (CAC).  As part of getting computer access civilian students must have a CAC card to access the Tripler network.  Students can get a CAC card once their fingerprinting has been cleared.  Contact the program educational coordinator to begin the CAC process.

 Computer/Network Access

  • All medical students getting computer access here at Tripler must have a background investigation completed before being granted access. 
  • Majority of the training programs here at Tripler require you to have access except for Radiology and Orthopedics.
  • Foreign Medical Students (non-US citizens) enrolled in formal education and training programs at an accredited school or institution in the United States who require access to the hospital's information systems network can expect at least a four-month delay getting access due to required security background checks, therefore, please plan accordingly.

 Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) Account

  • All medical students participating in training here must have a JKO account.  A JKO account is required to complete:
    • Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), DHA-US001.
    • Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Awareness Challenge, DoD-US1364-2X.  The "X" stands for the current year training.
    • Military Health System (MHS) Genesis Training.  This training is assigned by the Graduate Medical Education Office JKO Training Coordinator based on information contained in your application and in your JKO account if not already assigned by another military training facility.
  • Steps for creating your account, accessing your account, and updating your profile can be found by clicking on the following link JKO Instructions.  If you have problems with your account, call the JKO Help Desk at 757-203-5654 or email them at and inform them of your problem.  Help Desk is 24/7 except for Federal Holidays.

 PHI/PII Information

  • Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • All medical student PHI/PII information must be encrypted and sent via the DoD SAFE (Department of Defense Secure Access File Exchange) website to the Graduate Medical Education Office.
  • Medical Student will request a Drop-off Code from the Graduate Medical Education Office after being pre-approved for an educational rotation.
  • Any non-PHI/PII documentation, such as BLS card, Letter of Good Standing, HIPAA and Cyber Awareness Certificates can be emailed directly to the Graduate Medical Education Office.


  • In-processing for all medical students is on Monday at 0700 (7:00 A.M.) in Room 9A007, Classroom 1.  If Monday falls on a federal holiday, then in-processing will take place on Tuesday, same time.
  • Do not report to any other area prior to your in-processing, even if you have received communication to be somewhere else.  No Exceptions!
  • Two-Forms of ID.  Civilian (including Air Force and Navy HPSP students doing a NADT) students getting computer access must have two forms of identification (e.g., Military ID, Driver's License, US Passport, US Birth Certificate, Social Security Card) when reporting to the Aloha Center for the issuance of Common Access Card (CAC).
  • Army HPSP student on ADT, the primary duty uniform for wear is the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP).
  • Civilian and NADT students must present a neat and well-groomed appearance when in-processing.  No shorts or T-Shirts.
  • Student ID badge.  All students will always have a picture ID badge in their possession.


  • Are scheduled directly with the program that you will be rotating with, either before or after your arrival.
  • Military students wanting to interview should contact the program directly before arriving to determine what uniform will be required for interview.


  • Each medical student is responsible for providing evaluation forms to their preceptor.  You will need to find out who your preceptor will be upon reporting to the service.  Once you have been advised as to who will complete your evaluation, give them your evaluation.  If your school requires your evaluation to be done online, then provide them the link or provide your school the e-mail address of your preceptor so the school can send to that individual.
  • Medical students are highly encouraged to follow-up on evaluations if not received prior to departure from Tripler.
  • Make sure you have contact information for your preceptor before departing!
Late Arrivals If you are arriving late due to a missed flight, a long delay, or other circumstances beyond your control you need to contact the following:


Directions to Tripler, where to park and directions to the Graduate Medical Education Office and In-processing. Military Students on Temporary Duty (TDY) 
Information for military students concerning your TDY here at Tripler..


  • No earlier than 75-days out from start of educational rotation the Educational Rotation Application must be submitted via the DoD SAFE website encrypted to the Graduate Medical Education Office.
  • No earlier/later than 50-days out from start of educational rotation.  The following need to be submitted to the Graduate Medical Education Office.
    • Occupational Health Requirements (Immunizations) must be submitted via the DoD SAFE website encrypted. 
    • Copy of current BLS card.
      • Only American Heart Association (AHA) or American Red Cross (ARC) cards will be accepted.
      • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) card will not be accepted in place of BLS.
      • If card is to expire during your training, please ensure that it is renewed prior to your arrival.
    • Letter of Good Standing.  Letter should include, at a minimum, that student has professional liability insurance and personal health insurance.
  • No later than 30 days out from start of educational rotation that you have:
    • Completed all Military Health System (MHS) Genesis training that has been assigned to you by Tripler or another Military Training Facility (MTF).
    • Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) training, DHA-US001.
    • Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Awareness Challenge training, DoD-US1364-2X.  The "X" stands for the current year training.
  • TDY orders.  Military students will provide copy of orders when you in-process. 
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.