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Medical Student Applicants

General Information 

  • All educational rotations are limited to four weeks.  No six-week rotations or two educational rotations combined into a six/four-week rotation so to allow more students to rotate and interview with one of our residency programs.
  • Educational rotation start and end dates for 2022 are as follows.  No rotations during the months of November and December.

Month Start and End Dates
3 January to 28 January
10 January to 4 February
18 January to 11 February
24 January to 18 February
31 January to 25 February
7 February to 4 March
14 February to 11 March
22 February to 18 March
28 February to 25 March
7 March to 1 April
11 March to 8 April
21 March to 15 April
28 March to 22 April
4 April to 29 April
11 April to 6 May
18 April to 13 May
25 April to 20 May
2 May to 27 May
9 May to 3 June
16 May to 10 June
23 May to 17 June
31 May to 24 June
6 June to 1 July
13 June to 8 July 
21 June to 15 July
27 June to 22 July
5 July to 29 July
11 July to 5 August
18 July to 12 August
25 July to 19 August
1 August to 26 August 
8 August to 2 September
15 August to 9 September
22 August to 16 September
29 August to 23 September
6 September to 30 September
HPSP student rotations will end on 29 September to meet HPSP requirement that all educational rotations need to be completed by 30 September and cannot start again until 15 October due to fiscal year funding.
12 September to 7 October
19 September to 14 October
26 September to 21 October
3 October to 28 October
11 October to 4 November
17 October to 11 November
24 October to 18 November
31 October to 25 November
  • All students interested in doing an educational rotation here at Tripler needs to click on the following link Medical Student Handbook and save and print out the handbook.  This handbook provides very important information concerning your educational rotation here at Tripler. 
  • Following is current list of programs available with contact information and requirements.
    • Student will contact program to reserve a spot prior to submitting the Educational Rotation Request Application. 
    • Those programs with an asterisk in front of them are the only programs that accept civilian students for the Department of Veterans Affairs Residency Program.
  Offered to Civilian Offered to Military
                                          Program 3rd Year 4th Year 3rd Year 4th Year
*Diagnostic Radiology (See Note 1). 808-433-6588. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Family Medicine
Yes Yes Yes Yes
General Surgery
No No No Yes
*Internal Medicine
808-433-3499 (See Note 1)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Obstetrics and Gynecology
No No Yes Yes
Orthopaedic Surgery
No See Note 2 Yes Yes
Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
Yes Yes Yes Yes
808-433-6345 or 6238
No No See
Note 3
No Yes See
Note 4
No No Yes Yes


1.  No students during the month of June and until further notice.
2.  4th year civilian medical students on a case by case basis.
3.  3rd year students in last quarter considering pediatric residency.
4.  3rd year students in last half of third year with documentation of core rotation completion in psychiatry required.

Approval of Request

  • Programs will inform the Graduate Medical Education Office of all approvals and disapprovals of students requesting an educational rotation with them.
  • Programs will advise students who have been pre-approved to complete the Educational Rotation Request Application.
  • Student will submit the application NLT 75 days prior to start of the educational rotation. 


Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.