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Clerkship Information

This course is an introductory experience in the provision of comprehensive medical care and counseling services to adult and adolescent female patients. The obstetrical conditions and gynecological problems commonly encountered by the physician provide the primary focus for this clerkship experience, but knowledge of serious, less common conditions, is also required.

Some learning activities at each site are preplanned, however many activities are left for each student to plan and develop in the manner in which they best learn. It is the student's responsibility to identify and pursue learning, which complements the preplanned activities and leads to fulfillment of the course objectives.

We realize that students will not see examples of every entity listed in the goals or the specific topics required for this clerkship. However, students are responsible for obtaining some knowledge about each of the topics. It is a goal of the department to help develop problem-solving, self-directed, and independent-learning physicians.

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