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About Us

Program Leadership and Administration

Program Director, Dr. Matthew C. Kasprenski, LTC, Pediatric Urology

The program director provides the overall leadership, development, and implementation of the residency program. The program director ensures that the program is compliant with all Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requirements for a Urology Surgical Services Residency training program.

Associate Program Director, Dr. Alexandria M. Hertz, MAJ, General Urology

The associate program director assists the program director in developing and implementing the program while completing specific assigned tasks. These tasks include developing and modifying the Urology Surgical Services Residency curriculum, The associate program director also represents the program at official meetings within the institution and outside, as needed, in the absence of the program director.

Program Coordinator, Vacant

The program coordinator manages the daily operational activities of the residency program and interacts with personnel at affiliated institutions, ensures that the residents complete all required paperwork and also ensures that residents’ master files are kept up to date. The program coordinator is responsible for completing and filing all required paperwork and communications from internal and external entities

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