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Occupational Health Requirements

General Information

  • Reminder that Hawai'i is a high threat area for certain diseases and that we have additional requirements than most places.
  • Proponent for this is Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) Regulation 40-27, Pre-Placement Medical Immunization Requirements for Military and Civilian Students/Trainees, 25 February 2019.

Student/Trainee/Observer Responsibilities

No-later-than fifty (50) days out from start of educational rotation/training or observation, provide appropriate educational coordinator/sponsor Tripler Army Medical Center Form 944, Immunization Requirement.
  • Form must be completed and signed by an official at your school and not you the student.
  • Must meet Tripler's immunization (minimum essential) requirements.
  • Since immunization records are PHI, under HIPAA the transmission of such will be via a secured website such as DoD SAFE and follow the instructions on the website for submission.
  • Laboratory titers and verifiable clinical reports are the preferred documentation for immunizations.  A summary or list of immunizations without verifiable clinical documentation attached is not acceptable and may result in a cancellation or a delay in the start of your training.
  • All students/trainees and observers should be pre-cleared by Occupational Health prior to the start of your training/observation.
  • Do not send any other health information!
  • Reminder that Hawai'i is a high threat area for certain diseases and that we have additional requirements then most places.
  • You will not contact the Occupational Health Services for any reason.  If you have any questions concerning immunizations, please address your concerns with your educational coordinator/sponsor.

Educational Coordinator/Sponsor Responsibilities

  • Will provide Tripler Army Medical Center Form 943, Pre-placement (Immunization) Clearance with Tripler Army Medical Center Form 944 to Occupational Health Services for review per instructions contained in Tripler Army Medical Center Regulation 40-27.
  • If any discrepancies in Occupational Health Services review,  educational coordinator/sponsor will notify the student/trainee or observer by appropriate educational coordinator/sponsor to provide necessary documentation to correct such and resubmit for review and approval of pre-clearance requirements.
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